The Department of Anatomy, GIMS, Greater Noida came into subsistence in November 2017. It houses in the ground floor of academic block in a wing of Gautam buddha university, Kasna, Greater Noida. The department has all modern facilities to provide best teaching aids for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. All labs are fully air conditioned with audio-visual aids.


1. To provide a strong foundation for new entrants by teaching basic sciences.

2. To train PG & Ph.D. students for highest educational standards

3. To inculcate Research attitude in UG, PG, Ph.D. students and faculty members which could be of service to humanity.

4. Spread awareness regarding body donation and develop center for body donation

Year of Establishment - 2017

Name of the first HOD


Names & Qualification of all members

Associate Professor


MD (Anatomy)

M.Sc. (Medical ANATOMY)

Mr. Muthukrishnan . P
M.Sc. (Medical ANATOMY)


Cinque Terre

Dr. Ranjana Verma
Professor & Head

Cinque Terre

Dr. Pragati Sheel Mittal

Associate Professor

Dr. Pragati Sheel Mittal is Associate Professor.

Publications - Dr. Pragati Sheel Mittal

1. Mittal P.S., Khanwalkar P.G., Naik D.C.Use of Silicon Gel to Mould the Cavities of Hollow Viscera. J.Anat.Soc. India 58 (2) 201-202 (2009)
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4. O.P. Lakhwani1, P.S. Mittal2, D.C. Naik3Piriformis Fossa – An Anatomical and Orthopedics ConsiderationJournal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2014 Mar, Vol-8(3): 96-97
5. S.D. Joshi, S.S. Joshi, A.S. Yogesh, P.S. Mittal,Some details of morphology of biceps brachii and its functional relevanceJ.Anat.Soc. India 63 (Nov 2014): 24-29
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10. SS Joshi1, Namrata Reddy2, SD Joshi1, Pragatisheel Mittal3Morphological variations of left lobe of liverInt Journal of Contemporary Medical Research Sep 2017;4(9):1956-1958.

Workshop/CME Attended by Dr. Pragati Sheel Mittal

Conference/CME/Workshop attended:
1) Advanced Molecular Techniques in Medical Diagnostics 22nd-23rd April 2019 GIMS, Greater Noida, UP.
2) Hospital Infection Control Practices: Challenges & Solutions 23rd-24th July 2019, GIMS, Greater Noida, UP.
3) Curriculum Implementation Support Programme 25th-27th July, 2019 at GIMS, Greater Noida, UP
4) Current trends and future prospects in Pharmacovigilance- An integral part of Medicine Safety 26th - 27th September 2019, GIMS, Greater Noida, UP.
5) "Evidence Based Non Invasive Therapies; Futuristic Medicine" Organized by Department of Physiology 18TH - 19th November 2019 at GIMS, Greater Noida.
6) Revised Basic Course workshop conducted by MAMC, New Delhi, Regional centre in Medical Education Technology at GIMS, Greater Noida, UP from 3rd - 5th December 2019.
7) "Preservation Techniques of Human Body" chemical & digital (3D printing) preservation & Museology Organized by Department of Anatomy 20th - 21st December 2019 at Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi.

Organising Secretary for CME by Dr. Pragati Sheel Mittal

1. CME cum Awareness Programme on “Body & Organ Donation – Live Beyond Life” Organized by Department of Anatomy 18TH September 2019 at GIMS, Greater Noida.

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Facilities Available

Cadavers storage
Histology Slides preparation

Facility wise daily work load

Presently, involved in establishing Hospital and Medical college set-up
• MBBS lectures
• Dissection
• Histology practicals
• Histological slides preparation
• Journal club activities
• Specimen preparation for Departmental Museum

Equipments Available

Embalming Machine
Mortuary Cooler- for 12 bodies
Band Saw
Meat Cutting Machine
Rotary Microtome
Sledge Microtome
Hot Plate
Hot Air Oven
Monocular Microscopes-60
Dissection Microscope-3
X-Ray view Boxes-8
Hand saw
Brain Knife
Drill Machine

CME/Workshops organized by the department

1. CME cum Awareness programme on "Body and Organ Donation - Live Beyond Life" on 18th September 2019.
This event has been conceived with an idea of spreading knowledge & awareness regarding the noble cause of body and organ donation. Body donation provides the medical students a medium for learning Human Anatomy - the most important foundation of medical sciences. It also enables the clinicians to hone their surgical skills for the best surgical outcomes through cadaveric skill labs while Organ donation is a boon for terminally ill patients by giving them a lease of life. The programme was inaugurated by Air Mshl Pawan Kapoor, AVSM, VSM and many senior teachers of Delhi NCR actively participated in the event. Representatives of Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti also delivered the motivational talk to the audience to spread awareness for body donation. ORBO from AIIMS, New Delhi described the importance and procedure to donate organs for terminally ill patients. Uttar Pradesh Medical Council has credited four credit hours for this event.

2. Cadaveric Oath Ceremony
A cadaveric oath was taken on 13th September 2019 by the first batch of MBBS students in the Department of Anatomy, GIMS, before the commencement of their dissection classes. It is an age old tradition to say the cadaveric oath at the beginning of the academic year. It is carried out to inculcate the respect among the students towards the cadavers who are their first teacher in 1st Professional MBBS. All the students took the oath in the presence of our Director Dr. (Brig.) Rakesh Gupta and the faculties of the department of Anatomy.

3. Poster Competition 2019
The students of the first batch of MBBS participated in poster competition on 16th September 2019 organised by Department of Anatomy, GIMS. The theme of the competition was body and organ donation. The students came up with very creative ideas. All the judges congratulated and appreciated the efforts of the students in raising awareness regarding the importance of body and organ donation through their posters.
Theme based Rangoli
The students of the first batch of MBBS participated in the theme based Rangoli. The theme was body and organ donation. They drew a beautiful Rangoli in the foyer of the academic building. All the participants of the Anatomy CME were impressed by the artistic & creative work done by the students.


Articulated human skeleton- 2

No & description of Museums

Museum has Sections-
1. Wet Specimen - 100
i. Gross Anatomy - 90
ii. Embryology - 10
2. Dry Specimen
i. Gross Anatomy - 62
ii. Embryology model - 72
iii. Osteology - Articulated skeleton - 07 , Disarticulated - 25
iv. Radiology - X-ray, CT, MRI - 75
v. Charts- 75

Training activities

Reseach activities by the department

Effect of centrality of umbilical cord and vascular pattern of Chorionic Blood Vessels on foetal outcome.
To study the association between cervical lordotic angle and early cervical spine degeneration in young adult computer professionals


Dissection Hall- sitting capacity of 100 students
Histology Lab- sitting capacity of 50 students
Histology slides preparation room- to prepare slides for teaching and training purposes
Demonstration Room-1 & 2- each with the sitting capacity of 50 students
Embalming Area- to preserve the cadavers for teaching and research activities
Cadaver Storage tanks- 3 with storage capacity of 10 cadavers each
Research Laboratory
Departmental Library
Student Locker-120

Teaching Aids available

2. Multimedia projector with TV monitor

No. of PCs and laptop Computers in Department

1 Computer with printer and scanner

Departmental Pics