Emergency: 0120-2341024

Anti Ragging Cell

Ragging is banned in the University and anyone found guilty of ragging and/or abetting ragging is liable to be punished as it is a criminal offence. Call Toll Free 1800-180-2586

Sr. No. Name Designation Contact
1 Dr. (Brig.) Rakesh Gupta Director 9850042002
2 Dr. Satendra Kumar Chief Proctor 9911433771
3 Dr. Vanita Lal Member 8003996875
4 Dr. Vivek Kumar Sharma Member 8668117030
5 Dr. Ranjana Verma Member 7701807013
6 Dr. Pragati Sheel Mittal Member 8433041494
7 Dr. Manisha Singh Member 7011435560
8 Dr. Nandita Chaturvedi Member 9350207090
9 Ms. Nidhi Pal Member 9628194343
10 Mr. Ravoori S Rao Member 8074794903
11 Dr. Nosad Hussain Member Secretary/FIP 9792353177

In the years to come, triumph will go to the centres that know who they are and how to indulge with the forces that are shaping our world. GIMS intends to be among the forefront.

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