Future prospects of GIMS

Government institute of Medical sciences (GIMS) strives to meet the healthcare needs of all who live in our area with quality and compassionate care. For meeting the growing demands of quality health care at tertiary health care institution in the GB Nagar and Delhi NCR and to achieve the vision of GIMS, the following proposals are planned to be implemented:-

Short term Goals:
1. Un-interrupted Treatment of critically ill patients by providing trained manpower and all the doctors holding specialization in the hospital
2. First Responder to attend emergencies.
3. Super-speciality consultation services.
4. Establishment of a well-serving blood bank to serve the ones in need at any point of time during the day.
5. Renovation of the existing departments.
6. Recruitment of trained staff for management of specialized units.
7. Application of integrated diagnostic services in the supportive departments by applying modern diagnostic technologies.
8. Establishment of computerized hospital management system under the control of qualified computer professionals and representatives from college.
9. Development of fully functional Administrative unit where all information from the college and hospital could be compiled and used.
10. Patient amenities - Movies/ Music/ magazines/ newspapers.
11. Basic Life support (BLS Training) center.
12. Security of Hospital premises.
13. Clean and hygienic environment.

Long term Goals:
1. Development of new buildings and units in the campus.
2. To introduce E-library management this will help the College upgrade the knowledge management system for its students and faculties.
3. State of the Art management of patient care.
4. Upgradation to superspeciality hospital.
5. Geriatric ward