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Gender Harassment Committee

Sr. No. Name Specialisation DesignationPhone no.
1 Dr. Vanita Lal Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) Chairperson8003996875
2 Dr. Suresh Babu Medical Superintendent Member Secretary8700172057
3 Dr. Vivek K Sharma Prof. & HoD, Physiology Member8668117030
4 Dr. Ranjana Verma Prof. & HoD, Anatomy Member7701807013
5 Dr.Bharti Bhandari Rathore Associate Professor, Physiology Member8003996865
6 Dr. Pragati Sheel Mittal Associate Professor, Anatomy Member9827395622
7 Dr. Ritu Sharma Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology Member9717001590
8 Dr. Anju Rani Assistant Professor, Forensic Medicine Member9868920610
9 Ms. Shivambika Sinha Legal Advisor Member-

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