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Human physiology is the fundamental block of medical science and it endeavors to explain and explore various homeostatic processes which ultimately orchestrate to make fully functional human being. Main objectives of Department of Physiology: Develop itself as a center of excellence in provision of integrated teaching, research and clinical services. In due course of time, department has vision to establish advanced clinical and research laboratories in fields of cardiovascular physiology, Neurophysiology, Life-style modification & Yoga, Autonomic functions and Pulmonary functions (Sleep Laboratory). Department also envisions to participate along with clinical departments for the establishment of Intra-operative Neurophysiological Monitoring system in GIMS Operation theaters that will significantly reduce morbidity and mortality of patients. There will also be facilities available for both under-graduate and Post-graduate training.


Provide environment which inculcates leadership and excellence in teaching and research.

Provide students with an integrated educational experience that prepares them for successful careers in Health Professions, Biomedical Research, and Academia.

Year of Establishment - 2017

Name of the first HOD

Dr Vivek Kumar Sharma
MD (Physiology), MSc (Yoga Therapy), PG Dip (Health and Fitness), MD (AM)

Names & Qualification of all members

Dr. Bharti Bhandari Rathore
Associate Professor

Dr. Aprajita
Assistant Professor

Dr. A. N. Syam Sunder Kiran
M.Sc. Ph.D. (Physiology)


Cinque Terre

Dr Vivek Kumar Sharma
PG Dip (Yoga therapy), MSc Yoga Therapy,
PG Dip Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Management, M.D. (Alternative Medicine)
Professor and Head

Cinque Terre

Dr. Bharti Bhandari Rathore

Associate Professor

Cinque Terre

Dr. Aprajita

Assistant Professor

Dr Aprajita earned her MBBS degree (2001-2006) and MD Physiology degree (2008-2011) from Govt Medical College Amritsar. Then she pursued her senior residency in MAMC, New delhi. She has a post MD teaching and research experience of 6.5 years. Till date, she has 1 international and 8 national publications to her credit. She has given presentations in national & state conferences and served as a mentor to medical students.

Details of resource person during conferences/ CME/ workshops - Dr Aprajita

1. CME- The Principles of Ethics in Medical Research at GIMS, Greater Noida Sept 2018 Delegate
2. Skill Development Program of Health Care professionals for monitoring ADR & preventing medication errors at KD Medical College, Mathura Oct 2017 Delegate
3. Workshop on “Examination Techniques and Student Assessment” held at SSR Medical College, Mauritius Oct 2015 Delegate
4. National CME on Research Methodology & Scientific writing at GB Pant hospital, New Delhi Nov 2014 Delegate
5. Workshop on ‘MEDICAL EDUCATION’ held at Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi. 2014 Delegate
6. 28th mini workshop on ‘EDUCATIONAL SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ’ held at Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi. 2012 Participant
7. Workshop on ‘How to write a scientific paper’ at Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi. Feb 2012 Participant
8. Mini workshop on ‘Young Scientist training workshop on tools & techniques in Physiological Sciences’ held at AIIMS, New Delhi. Dec 2011 Participant
9. CME -Training on HIV/AIDS ; its prevention & control at GMC Amritsar 2011 Participant
10. 57th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE APPICON held at AIIMS, New Delhi 2011 Presenter
11. 56th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE APPICON held at Sawangi,Wardha, Maharashtra 2010 Presenter
12. 7th INTERNATIONAL AMCAA-AMDAANA CONVENTION CME-2011 in Amritsar 2011 Presenter
14. CME PHYSIOLOGY UPDATE held in Patiala, Punjab 2011 Presenter

Details of Research publications and chapters published by Dr Aprajita

1. Aprajita, Mohan M : Curriculum Trends in Medical Education in Mauritius. Journal of Medical Education Winter 2017; 16(1):51-54
2. Mamta Mohan,Khaliq Farah, Aprajita, Vaney Neelam. Assessment of auditory conduction in mobile phone users: A pilot study: Indian Journal of Medical Specialities 2016;7(4): 163-166
3. Jain, P., Aprajita, Jain, P., Jain, A. K., & Babbar, R. Influence of affective changes on Behavioural and cognitive performances after acute bout of Exhaustive Exercise Journal of Psychophysiology, 28(1), 1-10.
4. Does Chronic Exposure to Mobile Phone affect cognition? Mohan M, Khaliq F, Panwar Aprajita, Vaney N. Funct Neurol. 2016 Jan-Mar; 31(1): 47–51.
5. Mohan M, Aprajita, Panwar N. Effect of Wood Dust on Respiratory Health Status of Carpenters. J Clin Diagn Res. 2013 Aug; 7(8): 1589–1591.
6. Aprajita, Panwar k Neeraj,Sharma R.S. Lung function test among petrol-pump workers of Amritsar city, Punjab. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2011 October; 5(5): 1046-1050.
7. Neeraj kant Panwar, Aprajita, Ruchi Arora. Efficacy of different designs of tooth brushes in plaque removal. Journal of Oral Health Research 2010; 1(1): 45-49.
8. Panwar NK, Aprajita, Arora R, Gupta A, Marya CM, Dhingra S. Study on relationship between the nutritional status and dental caries in 8-12 year old children of Udaipur city, India. Kathmandu University Medical Journal 2014; 45(1): 26-31.

Details of National & International awards won by Dr Aprajita

1. 2013 - Awarded First prize in poster presentation “ Lung function tests in petrol pump workers of Amritsar city in APPICON held at Wardha.

Details of publications in Textbooks, Manuals, Handbooks, Precis, etc.by Dr Aprajita

1. Author in Book “Pulmonary Function tests among Petrol Pump Workers” in LAP LAMBERT (Academic Publishing is a trademark of AV Akademikerverlag GmbH & Co. KG, Germany) - Year 2012
2. Co-author in Book “Health impacts of mobile phone’’ in LAP LAMBERT (Germany) - 2014
3. Co-author in book "Genetic basis of oro dental disease in children" in LAP LAMBERT (Academic Publishing is a trademark of AV Akademikerverlag GmbH & Co. KG, Germany)

Area of Interest :
Sleep neurophysiology, Exercise physiology, Lifestyle, nutrition & obesity

Facility available in Department with capacity

In the process of establishing following laboratories:
1. Autonomic Function Testing Lab
2. Electrophysiology Lab
3. Lifestyle Modification Lab
4. PFT Lab
5. Intraoperative Neuromonitoring facility

Facility wise daily work load

Presently, involved in establishing Hospital and Medical college set-up

Training activities courses run

Course - MBBS
Classes will include tutorials, discussions, practical demonstration sessions and Didactic lectures.

Teaching Aids available

Multimedia with TV monitor
LCD Projector

No. of PCs and laptop Computers in Department

1 Computer

Facility wise daily work load

Presently, involved in establishing Hospital and Medical college set-up

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