Human physiology is the fundamental block of medical science and it endeavors to explain and explore various homeostatic processes which ultimately orchestrate to make fully functional human being. Main objectives of Department of Physiology: Develop itself as a center of excellence in provision of integrated teaching, research and clinical services. In due course of time, department has vision to establish advanced clinical and research laboratories in fields of cardiovascular physiology, Neurophysiology, Life-style modification & Yoga, Autonomic functions and Pulmonary functions (Sleep Laboratory). Department also envisions to participate along with clinical departments for the establishment of Intra-operative Neurophysiological Monitoring system in GIMS Operation theaters that will significantly reduce morbidity and mortality of patients. There will also be facilities available for both under-graduate and Post-graduate training.


Provide environment which inculcates leadership and excellence in teaching and research.

Provide students with an integrated educational experience that prepares them for successful careers in Health Professions, Biomedical Research, and Academia.

Year of Establishment - 2017

Name of the first HOD

Dr Vivek Kumar Sharma
MD (Physiology), MSc (Yoga Therapy), PG Dip (Health and Fitness), MD (AM)

Names & Qualification of all members

Dr. Bharti Bhandari Rathore
Associate Professor

Dr. Aprajita Panwar
Assistant Professor

Dr. A. N. Syam Sunder Kiran
M.Sc. Ph.D. (Physiology)

Miss Debopriya Ghosh
M.Sc. Ph.D. (Physiology)

Dr. Fariza Jamil


Cinque Terre

Dr Vivek Kumar Sharma
PG Dip (Yoga therapy), MSc Yoga Therapy,
PG Dip Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Management, M.D. (Alternative Medicine)
Professor and Head

Cinque Terre

Dr. Bharti Bhandari Rathore

Associate Professor

Dr Bharti Bhandari Rathore has completed MBBS (Lady Hardinge Medical College) and MD, Physiology (VP Chest Institute) from Delhi University. She completed her Senior Residency from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi and thereafter worked at MAMC as Senior Research Associate. She is involved in teaching medical and dental students for the last 14 years. She has attended numerous national and international conferences and workshops as delegate and guest faculty and has presented her research work. Dr.Bharti has received short term training in sleep medicine from AIIMS, New Delhi. In addition, she has completed various courses and trainings like National Sleep Medicine Course, Basic Biostatistics course, methods in Epidemiology, Clinical & Operational Research (MECOR) by American Thoracic Society, Training in Public Health Ethics, course in Leadership and Management in Health by Washington University. Recently she completed Academic Teacher's Training Course from Health University, Munich.
She is actively involved in research activity. She has received best research work presentation awards

Details of Research publications and chapters published by Dr Bharti Bhandari Rathore

1. Chopra D, Bhandari B. Sofosbuvir: really meets the unmet needs for Hepatis C treatment ? Infect Disord Drug Targets. 2018 Aug 15. doi: 10.2174/1871526518666180816101124
2. Mehta B, Bhandari B. Engaging medical undergraduates in question making: a novel way to reinforcing learning in physiology. AdvPhysiol Educ. 2016; 40(3): 398-401.
3. Mehta B, Garg K, Ambwani S, Bhandari B, Bhagat OL, Peak expiratory flow rate: a useful tool for early detection of airway obstruction in school children. Open Medicine Journal 2016 3(1):159-65.
4. Bhandari B, Mehta B. Vorapaxar, a Protease-Activated Receptor-1 Antagonist, aDouble -Edged Sword! Recent Pat Cardiovasc Drug Discov. 2015; 9(2):73-7.
5. ManishaMavai, Yogendra Raj Singh, R. C. Gupta, Sandeep K. Mathur, Bharti Bhandari. Linear Analysis of Autonomic Activity and Its Correlation with Creatine Kinase-MB in Overt Thyroid Dysfunctions. Ind J ClinBiochem. 2018; 33(2): 222-228.
6. Lal V, Bhandari B, Gupta G, Singh K, Sharma P. Introducing of Team Based Learning as an Approach of Reviving Interest in Biochemistry amongst Undergraduate Medical Students-An Exploratory Study. Ann NatlAcad Med Sci (India)2017; 53(3): 157-165.
7. Bhandari B,Mehta B, Mavai M, Raj YS, Singhal A. Jigsaw Method : An Innovative Way of Cooperative Learning in Physiology. Indian J PhysiolPharmacol 2017; 61(3) : 315-321.
8. Singh S, Sharma PK, Bhandari B, Kaur R. Knowledge, awareness and practice of ethics among doctors in tertiary care hospital. Indian J Pharmacol 2016;48:S89-93.
9. Mehta B, Bhandari B, Sharma P, Kaur R. Short Answer Open-Ended versus Multiple-Choice Questions: A Comparison of Objectivity. Ann NatlAcad Med Sci (India) 2016; 52(3): 173-182.
10. Bhandari B, Mehta B. Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy; Mechanism and Treatment. International Physiology 2016; 7 (2), 73-76.
11. Mehta B, Bhandari B. The Mirror Neuron System: Basic Concepts. International Physiology 2016; 7 (2), 77-80.
12. Jain P, Tripathi BK, Gupta B, Bhandari B,Jalan D. Evaluation of Aspartate Aminotransferase-to Platelet Ratio Index as a Non-Invasive Marker for Liver Cirrhosis. J ClinDiagn Res. 2015, 9(11): OC22-OC24.
13. Mehta B, Chawla VK, Parakh M, Parakh P, Bhandari B, Gurjar AS. EEG abnormalities in children with speech and language impairment. J ClinDiagn Res. 2015 July; 9(7):CC04-07.
14. Bhandari B, Kumar L, Datta A, Sircar S. Effect of Sub maximal Dynamic and StaticExercises on QTc interval in Healthy Young Men. J ClinDiagn Res 2015 Jun, 9(6): CC01-CC04.
15. Bhandari B, Sharma P, Sircar S. Sphygmomanometric Blood Pressure Drop OnConsecutive Measurements: The Search for a Cause. Indian J PhysiolPharmacol 2015; 59(2): 189-193.
16. Mehta B, Chawla VK, Parakh M, Bhandari B, Gurjar AS. ABER Assessment in Pre-school Children with Developmental Speech and Language Impairment. J ClinDiagnRes. 2015 May; 9(5):CC01-3.

Accepted for publication:
1. Priming: A Tool for Enhancing Physiology Learning among Medical Undergraduates, accepeted for publication in Indian Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology as first and corresponding author.
2. Rhythmic Breath Holding: Effect on Arterial Blood Pressure and its Correlation with Blood Gases. Accepted for publication in Malaysian journal of Medical Sciences as first and corresponding author

Details of resource person during conferences/ CME/ workshops by Dr Bharti Bhandari Rathore

1. A session of free oral paper presentation at APPICON at JIPMER, Puducherry in 2017 as chairperson
2. A symposium session on Regulation of Cardiovascular System in Health & Disease, APPICON-2015 at AIIMS, Jodhpur in 2015 as Chairperson
3."Priming through open book MCQ test: A tool for enhancing learning in medical undergraduates" at International Medical Education Conference at International Medical University, KL, Malaysia in 2016 as Presenter
4. a talk on Integrated control of Cardiovascular System at APPICON at AIIMS, Jodhpur in 2015. Presenter
5. Presented ‘Sphygmomanometric Blood Pressure drop on consecutive measurements' at ASSOPICON-2014 at JIPMER, Puducherry in 2014 as Presenter
6. International Conference on Medical and Biomedical Engineering (ICMBE 2015) at Toronto, Canada and presented a paper titled "EEG and ABER abnormalities in children with speech and language delay" in 2015.Presenter
7. A symposium session on Regulation of Cardiovascular System in Health & Disease, APPICON-2015 at AIIMS, Jodhpur. Presenter

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Cinque Terre

Dr. Aprajita Panwar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Aprajita Panwar earned her MBBS (2001-2006) and MD Physiology (2008-2011) degree from Govt Medical College, Amritsar, Punjab. Then she pursued her Senior Residency in Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. She has post MD teaching and research experience of 8 years in India and abroad. Till date, she has 2 international, 6 national publications to her credit and has authored 4 books. She has attended and presented several papers in National and State level conferences. She was the resource faculty in various collaborative workshops and acted as Joint-organizing secretary in International conference on "Mind, Body & Medicine" organized by Department of Physiology. She has served as an effective & innovative mentor to numerous medical students.

Area of Interest - Dr Aprajita Panwar

1. Neurophysiology
2. Life style modifications

Details of resource person during conferences/ CME/ workshops - Dr Aprajita Panwar

1. Attended "Revised Basic Course Workshop in Medical Educational Technologies" 3 days training program conducted by Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, Regional Centre at Govt Institute of Medical Sciences, Greater Noida, UP, India at 3rd to 5th December 2019
2. Attended "AETCOM Sensitization Program for Attitude, Ethics and Communication" conducted by Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, Regional Centre in Medical Education Technologies at Govt Institute of Medical Sciences, Greater Noida, UP, India on 6th December 2019
3. Attended Hands-on-training Workshop on "Small-Group Teaching Methodologies" held at Army College of Medical Sciences, Delhi Cantt, India on 1st Nov 2019
4. Attended "Curriculum Implementation Support Program" 3 days training program held at Govt Institute of Medical Sciences, Greater Noida, UP, India on 25th -27th July 2019
5. "Certificate course in IAP Basic Life Support" held at Govt Institute of Medical Sciences, Greater Noida, UP, India on 19th May 2019
6. Joint-organizing Secretary cum Treasurer in International CME-cum-workshop on "Recent Updates in Mind, Body & Medicine" on 20th November 2018 in GIMS, Greater Noida. Also served as Master of the ceremony for the event.
7. As Resource faculty in the workshop on "Brain Entrainment techniques" with Dr. Patrick Porter in GIMS, Greater Noida
8. Presented 'Eurofitness test battery' as Resource faculty in a collaborative workshop conducted by the Physiology department of GIMS, Greater Noida and AIIMS,Manglagiri on 5th April 2019 on "Exercise Physiology tests in lab and field" as a part of "9th Annual Conference of UP-UK Chapter of Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India" in School of Medical Sciences, Sharda University, Gr. Noida
9. Attended EEG analysis workshop on 'Processing & Analysis of Electrophysiological signals and task designing through MATLAB and E-Prime' as delegate in AIIMS,Rishikesh on 30th and 31st March 2019
10.. Attended workshop "Examination Techniques and Student Assessment" held at SSR Medical College, Mauritius on 29 -30 Oct, 2015 as Participant.
11. Attended 'Young Scientist training workshop on tools & techniques in Physiological Sciences' held at AIIMS, New Delhi as participant.
12. Attended workshop on 'MEDICAL EDUCATION' held at Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi as participant.
13. Attended Symposium on "Delving into the Stress Response : HTPA Axis, Nutrition & Exercise" by Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi on 15 November 2018 as delegate.
14. Attended Conference on"Recent Advances in the Physiology of Cognition" by APPICON - DC(Delhi Chapter) held at VardhmanMahavir Medical College and Safdarung Hospital, New Delhi on 7-8 Sept 2018 as delegate.
15. Attended 3rd Annual ConferencePHYSIOCON 2018 on "Relevance of Physiology in the new paradigm" held at SHKM medical college, Nalhar, Nuh, Haryana on 27,28 January 2018 as delegate.
16. CME on "Skill development program of Health Care Professionals (HCPs)" for "Monitoring ADRs & Preventing Medication Errors" by Dept of Pharmacology held at K.D. Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Mathura on 23 - 25 October 2017.
17. 57th Annual National Conference Appicon 2011 Held At AIIMS, New Delhi
18. 56th Annual National Conference Appicon 2010 Held At Sawangi, Wardha, Maharashtra
19. 7th International AMCAA-AMDAANA Convention Cme-2011 In Amritsar
20. 6th International AMCAA-AMDAANA Convention CME-2010 in Amritsar
21. 7th Annual Conference Of Punjab Academy Of Forensic Medicine And Toxicology

Details of Recognitions / Achievements by Dr Aprajita Panwar

1. 2019 Managing editor of Int Journal of Integrated Medicine, a multi-disciplinary Journal released on 18th Nov at EBNITCON International Conference, GIMS, Gr Noida
2. 2019 Scientific Committee Chairperson for International Conference on "Evidence Based Non-Invasive Technologies: Futuristic Medicine" on 18th& 19th Nov 2019 at GBU auditorium, Greater Noida

Details of Research publications and chapters published by Dr Aprajita Panwar

1. Manuscript published in "International Journal of Integrated Medicine" on topic "Attitude, Ethics and Communication competencies training module in undergraduate medical students" on 18th Nov 2019
2. Manuscript published in "International Journal of Integrated Medicine"on topic " The upcoming era of Nanotechnology: Revolutionizing medicine" on 18th Nov 2019
3. Abstract published in EBNITCON souvenir- "AETCOM training module in medical students" in Nov 2019
4. Abstract published in EBNITCON souvenir on "Nanotechnology" on 18th Nov 2019
5. Aprajita, Bharti Bhandari Rathore, Vivek Kumar Sharma, Rahul Kumar Bagla, Mamta Mohan..Attitude, Ethics and Communication competencies training module in undergraduate medical students. International Journal of Integrated Medicine 2019;1(1):37-43.
6. Mamta Mohan,Aprajita, Vivek Kumar Sharma, Rahul Kumar Bagla. The upcoming era of Nanotechnology: Revolutionizing medicine”. International Journal of Integrated Medicine 2019;1(1):55-60.
7. Aprajita, Mohan M: Curriculum Trends in Medical Education in Mauritius. Journal of Medical Education Winter 2017; 16(1):51-54
8. MamtaMohan,Khaliq Farah,Aprajita, VaneyNeelam. Assessment of auditory conduction in mobile phone users: A pilot study: Indian Journal of Medical Specialities 2016;7(4): 163-166
9. Jain, P., Aprajita, Jain, P., Jain, A. K., &Babbar, R. Influence of affective changes on Behavioural and cognitive performances after acute bout of Exhaustive Exercise Journal of Psychophysiology, 28(1), 1-10.
10. Mohan M, Khaliq F, Aprajita, Vaney N. Does Chronic Exposure to Mobile Phone affect cognition? Funct Neurol. 2016 Jan-Mar; 31(1): 47-51.
11.Mohan M, Aprajita,Panwar N. Effect of Wood Dust on Respiratory Health Status of Carpenters. J ClinDiagn Res. 2013 Aug; 7(8): 1589-1591.
12.Aprajita, Panwar k Neeraj,Sharma R.S. Lung function test among petrol-pump workers of Amritsar city, Punjab. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2011 October; 5(5): 1046-1050.
11. Neeraj Kant Panwar, Aprajita, RuchiArora. Efficacy of different designs of tooth brushes in plaque removal. Journal of Oral Health Research 2010;1(1):45-49
12. Panwar NK, Aprajita, AroraR,Dhingra S. Study on relationship between the nutritional status and dental caries in 8-12 year old children of Udaipur city, India. Katmandu University Medical Journal 2014;45(1):26-31

Details of Ongoing projects by Dr Aprajita Panwar

1. Assessment of attention span, perceived stress, heart rate variability & sleep quality in the shift workers of a tertiary care hospital
2. Effect of alpha and theta Audio-Visual Brainwave Entrainment on Mood, cognition, heart rate variability and psychological profile of healthy adult volunteers

Details of Poster presented/ awards: by Dr. Aprajita Panwar


Details of books/chapters authored by Dr. Aprajita Panwar

1. Author - Log Book For MBBS Students in accordance with competency based new curriculum as per MCI by Jaypee publishers
2.Author in Book "Pulmonary Function tests among Petrol Pump Workers" in LAP LAMBERT (Academic Publishing is a trademark of AV Akademikerverlag GmbH & Co. KG, Germany)
3. Co author in Book "Health impacts of mobile phone'' in LAP LAMBERT (Academic Publishing,Germany)
4.Co-author in Genetic Basis of oro-dental Diseases in childhood(LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing,Germany)

Details of Oral papers presented by Dr. Aprajita Panwar

1. Presented oral scientific paper in 7th INTERNATIONAL AMCAA-AMDAANA CONVENTION CME-2011 held at Amritsar.
2. Presented oral paper in CME PHYSIOLOGY UPDATE 2011 held in Patiala, Punjab

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2. Multimedia projector with TV monitor

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1 Computer with printer and scanner

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