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Brief History

  • 1. The Government Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS) Greater Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar (UP) foundation, was laid on the 13th of May, 2008 by Honble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Ku Mayawati ji and hospital was named as Manyawar Kashiram Multi- Specialty Hospital.
  • 2. The state assembly passed the bill on 4th of December, 2012 and proposed to rename the institution as Medical University and Allied Hospital.The building was then constructed as per the university norms.
  • 3. On 2nd April, 2013, Honble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Akhilesh Yadav inaugurated the hospital from Lucknow to commence the Out-Patient department.
  • 4. For efficient functioning of the Out-Patient department, initially a team of 17 doctors were sent on deputation from the state medical services followed by 10 additional doctorsholding specializations to upscale the team of the hospital.
  • 5. Emergency services commenced from the 15thof August, 2014 after which patients started coming to the Emergency Department. Records of in-patient registration were meticulously maintained by the department.
  • 6. On 15th February, 2016, the institution was renamed as the Government Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS), started an M.B.B.S course and registered with Society as an autonomous institution on the lines of SGPGI Lucknow. Thereafter, appointment of teaching faculties and other employees were enrolled as per bye laws.

Dependent Clinetele

Government Institute of Medical Sciences, Greater Noida,was established with an aim to improve the status of health of rural and urban population of western Uttar Pradesh, by providing a state of art health facilities as well as facilitating equitable access to quality health care through a revamped health care system, targeted outreach services and involvement of community and local bodies.

Government institute of Medical sciences is located near Kasna town, in Gautam Buddha Nagar, with a population of 1648115(census: 2011), of which an estimated population of790051 is supposedly poor. The current sex ratio for the area is 852 females per 1000 males which is of grave concern. The institutional deliveries are around 81.2% in the city and the IMR is 56% with MMR at 203 as per AHS 2011-12

First and Second tier health Structure in Gautam Buddha Nagar-

  • 1. DCH Noida, Sector- 30 Noida - Managed by State Health Department.
  • 2. ESI Hospital, Sector- 24 Noida- Managed by Central Government.
  • 3. CHC Bhangel- Managed by State Health Department.
  • 4. CHC Dadri- Managed by State Health Department.
  • 5. CHC Badalpur- Managed by State Health Department.
  • 6. PHC Bisrakh- Managed by State Health Department.
  • 7. Urban Health Post, Hosiyarpur- Managed by NRHM.

Patient Care facilities available

The primary task of the hospital is to provide comprehensive health care for people with routine/severe health issues resulting from injury, disease or social issues. The hospital is functioning 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year.The hospital brings together physicians in all basic specialties, efficient administrators and specialized equipments to deliver high quality care to people with acute and chronic health conditions. We offer a wide range of services, including emergency care, scheduled surgeries, labor and delivery service, diagnostic testing, lab services, and patient education. Depending on their health situation, patients may receive in-patient or out-patient in the hospital.

Various Departments of the institution are: -

  • 1. Department of Medicine
  • 2. Department of Surgery
  • 3. Department of Orthopedics
  • 4. Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • 5. Dept of Otorhinolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery
  • 6. Dept of Ophthalmology
  • 7. Dept of Pediatrics
  • 8. Dept of Pathology
  • 9. Dept of Microbiology
  • 10. Dept of Biochemistry
  • 11. Dept of Physiotherapy
  • 12. Dept of Anesthesia
  • 13. Dept of Dermatology
  • 14. Dept of Psychiatry
  • 15. Dept of Respiratory Medicine
  • 16. Dept of Dental surgery

Hospital Services

Government Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS) Greater Noida is growing in to a highly professional and scientific institution. The patient load in the OPD as well as inpatients is increasing day by day. There are approximately 1500-2000 patients are visiting every day and more than 200 patients are admitted in the hospital.

OPD Services:

Patients are registered at the reception and are seen on first come, first serve basis.However, out-of-turn consultation may be provided in case of emergency, and to differently abled people as well as senior citizens. Patients have the right to consult any doctor. In OPD, clinical consultation is provided to patients, which includes history taking, clinical examination, diagnosis and providing prescription to patients besides advising laboratory tests in some cases. OPD has a waiting hall with adequate facilities to sit and wait where public utilities like drinking water and toilets are for the convenience of patients. Sub-waiting areas are available in front of individual consultation rooms. Wheel chairs, trolleys and attendants are also available to help extremely sick patients.

Ward/ Indoor facility:

There are approximately 300 beds in various wards. Separate wards are available for Medicine, surgery, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Pediatric patients, ENT & Eye patients. Ward facilities are for observation and management of medical problem like typhoid, acute gastroenteritis, COPD, bronchial asthma, malaria, viral fever, pneumonias etc.

Operation Theaters:

There are 6 modular operation theaters available. Minor OT are available on both the floors, with facilities for minor surgical procedure like dressing of lacerated wound, suturing of minor lacerations & resuturing,excision of corns and sebaceous cysts (done under local anesthesia.)


Range of physiotherapy services are provided to help patients recover from a wide range of musculoskeletal painful disorders.

Laboratory services:

Trained laboratory staff isproviding effective, and systematic services of painless blood withdrawal and the like for specialized tests. The investigations are being outsourced through POCT.It includes:

  • i. Pathology laboratory
  • ii. Microbiology laboratory
  • iii. Biochemistry laboratory

ECG Services:

24hours ECG services including machine report done by trained staff.


Free reliable quality medicines are available to beneficiaries on doctor prescription during OPD hours. Medicines which are not available, are provided by S.O., signed by prescribing Doctor and Head, and can be collected from the chemist shop in the campus.

Radiology/X-ray facility:

X-Ray pleophos-D, 300 MA Siemens available, X-rays done 24X365. Three Ultrasound machines of Sonoline G-50 U/S machine, Siemens and Asote are available

Ambulance Services:

24 hours patient transport vehicle is available for the convenience of patients.

Emergency Services:

24x7 hours emergency services available with emergency medical officer, trained medical staff who are present all round the clock.

Dental facility:

An experienced Dental surgeon provides procedures like Dental Extractions, RCT, Scaling /Cleaning, Fillings, Local curettage

Future Planning

Government institute of Medical sciences (GIMS) strives to meet the healthcare needs of all who live in our area with quality and compassionate care. For meeting the growing demands of quality health care at tertiary health care institution in the GB Nagar and Delhi NCR and to achieve the vision of GIMS, the following proposals are planned to be implemented:-

Short term Goals:

  • Un-interrupted Treatment of critically ill patients by providing trained manpower and all the doctors holding specialization in the hospital
  • First Responder to attend emergencies
  • Super-speciality consultation services
  • Establishment of a well-serving blood bank to serve the ones in need at any point of time during the day.
  • Renovation of the existing departments.
  • Recruitment of trained staff for management of specialized units.
  • Application of integrated diagnostic services in the supportive departments by applying modern diagnostic technologies
  • Establishment of computerized hospital management system under the control of qualified computer professionals and representatives from college.
  • Development of fully functional Administrative unit where all information from the college and hospital could be compiled and used.
  • Patient amenities - Movies/ Music/ magazines/ newspapers
  • Basic Life support (BLS Training) center
  • Security of Hospital premises
  • CLEAN and hygienic Environment

Long term Goals:

  • Development of new buildings and units in the campus
  • To introduce E-library management this will help the College upgrade the knowledge management system for its students and faculties.
  • State of the Art management of patient care
  • Upgradation to superspeciality hospital
  • Geriatric ward