Brief History:

The Department of Pharmacology at GIMS Medical College stands as a cornerstone in the institution's commitment to fostering holistic medical education, aligning with the Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) curriculum. Our approach emphasizes the integration of theoretical knowledge with hands-on clinical experience, ensuring that medical graduates are well-equipped for the challenges of modern healthcare.

Committee Memberships: Members of the Department of Pharmacology actively participate in various committees within the institution, including:
• College Council
• Pharmacovigilance Committee
• Causality Assessment Committee
• Drugs & Pharmaceutical Committee
• Antibiotic Policy Committee
• Institutional ethics committee
• Animal ethics committee
• Cultural activities and sports Committee
• Purchase Committee
• Anti-ragging Committee

• Research Activities: Both students and faculty are engaged in a spectrum of research activities. Students participate in Short-Term Student (STS) projects, providing them with exposure to the research process. Faculty members lead and contribute to research initiatives, fostering an environment of continuous inquiry and innovation.
• Member secretory , IEC, GIMS, Greater Noida: Our faculty members serve as Basic Medical Scientists and Member secretory on the Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC), contributing their expertise to the ethical review of research proposals and ensuring the welfare of research participants.
• Examination Cell: Department members actively participate in the Examination Cell, contributing to the design, implementation, and evaluation of assessments to ensure the competence and proficiency of medical students.
• Pharmacy In charge: The department takes charge of pharmacy-related matters, ensuring the availability and appropriate use of medications within the institution.
• ADR Monitoring Centre (AMC): As an Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) Monitoring Centre, our department is dedicated to the surveillance, documentation, and reporting of adverse drug reactions, contributing to national pharmacovigilance efforts.
• Medical Device Monitoring Centre (MDMC): Our commitment to patient safety extends to the oversight of medical devices through the Medical Device Monitoring Centre. We strive to ensure the reliability and safety of medical equipment, contributing to improved healthcare outcomes.
• Materiovigilance Programme of India: As active participants in the Materiovigilance Programme of India, our department monitors and reports adverse events related to medical devices, contributing to the national effort to enhance the safety and effectiveness of healthcare products.

In essence, the Department of Pharmacology at GIMS Medical College plays a multifaceted role in education, research, and healthcare governance, actively contributing to the development of competent and compassionate healthcare professionals and advancing the overall well-being of patients and the community.